Collective Portrait | Hasalon 5
Curator: Maya Frenkel Tene | 11.7.19-17.8.19

What composes a social group?
How photographs generate them?
Can any random collection of people be associated , once placed in front of one camera?
As a collective of practicing photographers, working under hyper-individualistic climate (both in the field of art and in general society), we share a curiosity for the power of being-many.
In the series ‘Collective Portrait’ we examine the ability of photography to transform individuals into an interrelated structure.
Using the context of public events, we invite people who never met before to participate in our portraits.
We use the crowd to formulate typical poses of vernacular photography as the ‘Family Portrait’ or the ‘Yearbook Photograph’, raising questions on familiarity, difference and intimacy.
Hasalon5 is an artist collective working together for the past three years.
The purpose of our collaboration, concurrent with our individual studio practice, is to generate critical, fertile dialogue that will encompass every step of the creative process; from thinking, through execution to presentation.